Winter warmers

Contrary to what people think, Barcelona in winter gets cold.  It seems however that someone forgot to tell the locals this.  Come rain or come shine, most cafes, bars and even restaurants, keep their doors open and their air-con stoically blasting out.  The city’s narrow gothic streets are crying out for cosy locales that serve hot toddies by an open fire, but unfortunately, no such thing exists here. So, between the months of November and March, it’s not uncommon to find oneself sitting in a draughty cafe with strip lighting, in hat, fingerless gloves and a scarf.  Somebody back in the day, forgot to tell people, “hey guys, it’s winter and it’s cold!”.

A few years back a friend and I, bemoaning our damp ridden bones and onset of yearly rheumatism, decided to compile a list of rare found places that had the winning winter combination of – cosy lighting, heating and bar staff that kept the doors shut.  Here are our favourites: